Patient Testimonials

Patient Testimonials

I had never heard of osteopathy until a friend recommended it to me. I had tied everything for years to help alleviate pain and lack of flexibility. I had gone to chiropractors, physiotherapists, tried deep tissue massage, massage, acupuncture and acupressure. I was desperate for some relief so I thought, what do I have to lose? I would try osteopathy. I had no expectations and didn’t really have any confidence that this would be any different than any other treatment. Deanna told me it may take a couple weeks, but I had noticeable improvement right away with being able to bend to feed my cat the following morning! Additionally, I had thought that I would have to give up horse riding due to my lack of flexibility and the pain to get up into the saddle, but after the second treatment I was able to get myself in the saddle again. She has also done wondrous work on my neck at times when it was so bad that I was actually trying to hold my head up with my hands! I have tried a few others who practice osteopathy when Deanna hasn’t been available, but I did not have the same results. Her years of experience, dedication, and enthusiasm truly makes the difference. I have no hesitation recommending her to my friends, or for that matter, to anyone who is in discomfort! Kathryn R. Errington, BC

Thank you Deanna for helping me to manage my chronic pain caused by a military injury. Prior to receiving osteopathy I had received and searched out absolutely every type of therapy like physiotherapy, acupuncture…My body was simply infused with pain. So much so that I simply could not move. But in my particular situation nothing made much of a significant impact until I received osteopathy. After osteopathy I started to feel the pain recede. Imagine going 4 hours without pain and as the months passed, I was eventually pain free! I am now able to take long walks and play with our grand-children. There are absolutely no words that I can express that can ever describe my appreciation for your skills and understanding. This year I plan to do a day hike at Mt Washington! Something that a few years ago would only have been a dream!
Diane G. Courtenay, BC

I have been a client of Deanna’s since she moved her practice from Ontario to Oceanside a few years ago. She is one of the most grounded, caring and skilled practitioners I have ever met. Deanna is completely client focused and works hard to meet the needs of the folks she treats. Over the years she has successfully helped me navigate a variety of physical issues and I am grateful for her help, her warmth and her generosity. We are very lucky to have an osteopathic practitioner of her calibre on Vancouver Island. Carol J. Qualicum Beach, BC

Deanna is both highly professional and exceptionally skilled as an osteopathic practitioner. The results I’ve had working with her have always surpassed my expectations. Her excellent experience, intuition, and devotion to her work are just a few of her many positive attributes. I highly recommend Deanna.
Ariane Port Alberni, BC

My osteopathic treatments were a very positive experience. After my first treatment I felt like a different person the day after. No hip pains and my shoulder /neck discomfort has very much improved. I’ve received regular treatments for almost 2 years . Deanna, I wish you all the best and I’ll miss you. Anne Schumacher Kitchener, ON

Deanna has the natural ability to help set my body into a healing process. With daily occupational stress to my body, I am in a better position at managing these issues with regular Osteopathic treatments. I recommend Deanna to all my colleagues, friends and family who are find themselves with pain or discomfort. David Trinh Waterloo, ON

While I was pregnant with my first, I was very uncomfortable and was experiencing pain in my back and hip area. Two completely unrelated sources suggested I see Deanna for an osteopathy treatment. At first I was a little skeptical about it but it all changed after my treatment. Initially I was in so much discomfort and pain that I couldn’t sleep. After the treatment I got my sleep back and felt so much better. I went to Deanna regularly over the course of my pregnancy and even after. She is a very warm and friendly person and I would definitely recommend her. My pregnancy wouldn’t have been the same without her! I wish her all the best for her new life in the West coast. Karuna Waterloo, ON

Deanna is a dedicated, skilled practitioner, who is passionate about, and fully committed to osteopathy! She has helped me to bring my physical body into alignment and harmony. I rejoice as my organs and physical structure respond to her touch, release held tension, and reconnect with inner knowing. Deanna’s intuitive sense was especially helpful during my recovery from a car accident — she was able to tune in and know exactly what my body needed to do in order to release the trauma held within. I am very grateful for osteopathy as a health care option, for Deanna’s dedicated and active involvement in the field, and for the ongoing and compassionate care my family has received from Deanna over the past 4 years. Best of luck in British Columbia Deanna! Alisa P. Waterloo, ON

I had the pleasure of being Deanna’s client over a span of more than 15 years. Deanna is a well-rounded, highly accomplished and talented expert in her area of practice, which makes her very unique in her approach and the quality of service provided. I have worked with other practitioners prior to meeting Deanna, but I would easily put her at the top of my list. Her knowledge of various healing techniques is impressive and is combined with a tremendous work ethic that is carried through by her high standards of excellence, creativity and positive attitude. Along with her unique ability to quickly problem solve my concerns resulting from her vast knowledge across a wide spectrum of healing categories to successfully address the number of different issues I had over the years. I think what impressed me most about Deanna was her deep yet understated intuition and genuine care. Her willingness to go above and beyond what was required of her role in order to make me feel that there is a chance for my health issues to improve, which enabled me to push the limits on what was possible for my future. N.J. Kitchener, ON

Deanna has been the Osteopathic manual practitioner for our family for the past 5 years. Deanna has kindly cared for us, healed us and brought us back into good health. Deanna is full of an abundance of wisdom, brought about by her formal education and years of experience. I trusted Deanna to apply her wisdom to each of our situations and she never failed us. Among the various injuries she treated were sports related injuries including: hip flexors, serious concussions, Achilles heel and tendinitis. Other treatments were for age-related or injury-related problems including: hips, lower back, forearms, knees and shoulders. Further she also provided pre and post-surgical treatment for a meniscal tear. Deanna was pivotal in detecting the problem and recommending that a specialist be consulted, which lead to healing. Practitioners like Deanna are few and far between, she has been invaluable to our family and we are forever grateful for everything she has done to enable us to live a healthy and pain-free life. I would most highly recommend Deanna as an Osteopathic manual practitioner to anyone. The Scanlan Family Waterloo, ON

Deanna Brenneman is an amazing Osteopathic Manual Practitioner who has given me tremendous relief from both sciatica and a shoulder injury. It was during my recovery from knee replacement surgery, however, that her unique skill set really came into play. Generously, she came to my home while I was laid up, and her Osteopathic treatments and Vodder Lymphatic Drainage treatment hastened my healing. Deanna is intuitive, thoughtful, knowledgeable, and kind, everything I could ask for in a health professional. I’m sorry she’s leaving Waterloo but glad for the lucky people she’ll treat on Vancouver Island. Cheers and good luck! C.

I have been a client of Deanna’s since 2000. I have chronic pain in my right shoulder, and she has helped relieve pain and increase mobility in the area, first as a massage therapist, then as an osteopathic practitioner. Even though I have regular appointments, she always asks about my symptoms on that day, and tailors the treatment accordingly. She has also helped both of my daughters recover faster from sports injuries, with osteopathic treatments. Jocelyn Lesage Kitchener, ON

Deanna was recommended to me by my Naturopath. She is a very caring person, very thorough and very good at her work. I was a very satisfied patient. DMcC Kitchener, ON

I have been seeing Deanna for over eight years and her skill and dedication have been invaluable to me. Ontario’s loss is BC’s gain – I know I echo the thoughts of many when I say that I am sad to see her go! Cynthia H. Kitchener, ON

Deanna Brenneman is leaving Kitchener/Waterloo and will be missed by many. During the past 7 years Deanna has kept me active and vital without pain by receiving her excellend treatments with her magic hands, she is my Osteopathic Manual Practitioner. Now at 90 years I still enjoy living alone, able to do housework, drive myself to appointments, shopping and travel. Having this type of treatment is what I attribute to my good health. Thank you so much Deanna for your hours of attention and professional skills keeping me so well. As ever, warm regards. Marjorie Kitchener, ON

Magic hands and a warm heart”, describe Deanna to a tee! Each time that I went for an Osteo-treatment, Deanna listened thoughtfully to my health concerns and then began what I call “Magic”. Her skilled hands always seemed to know just where to find the aches and pains and how to alleviate them. Deanna is a talented Osteopathic Practitioner, whom I have highly recommended to many friends in the past and would not hesitate to do so in the future! Thank-you for your excellent care! Donna F. Waterloo, ON

I have been a client of Deanna Brenneman’s for over 20 years and am very thankful for great care she has provided me. As Registered Massage Therapist she assisted me with a very painful frozen shoulder to regain movement I had lost. After a leg injury in a faulty electrical cover I stepped into that collapsed she assisted me with Manual Lymph Drainage to speed up healing process. As an Osteopathic Manual Practitioner, she has kept my body in balance helping me with aging process by improving my mobility and eliminating painful joints, etc. I would highly recommend her as she is dedicated, sympathetic and very focused on her professional care she provides to many who suffer. Her clients are blessed to have her as a professional who really cares and really helps your wellness. Joanne R. Waterloo, ON

Deanna’s Healing Hands – It has been almost 15 years that I have been a client and friend of Deanna’s. Deanna was recommended to me when I needed manual lymphatic drainage after breast cancer surgery and my arm always felt so much lighter after a treatment. As Deanna moved into the area of osteopathy, I was very willing to have treatments on various joints affected by osteoarthritis. Pain caused by stress and anxiety responded well to her osteo treatments as well. The past 5 years have been challenging ones involving personal loss, concussion, whiplash and vestibular dysfunction. Whether it was dealing with the headaches and light-headedness, the tight neck and shoulders and even the emotional pain, I knew that I could count on feeling better after a treatment/visit at Deanna’s. I am happy for Deanna that she can fulfill a dream of hers as she moves to B.C., but I will certainly miss Deanna and her healing hands! Nancy Schwartzentruber New Hamburg, ON

I was referred to Deanna by a friend at work, because she was getting good results from her treatments. I can’t remmember when I started but I would say 15 plus years ago. Deanna’s maintenance treatments have kept my body healthy throughout the years. When I had strained or pulled muscles her ability to diagnose and treat the problem was first class. I very much appreciated Deanna’s professionalism and friendliness. I considered her to be a skilled health practitioner and all the best in the future. John Huber Guelph, ON

Both my children and I were Deanna’s clients for about 10 years. I always found her treatments to be effective and extremely helpful. For example, my son had missed numerous days of school because of an extremely sore tailbone. In one visit, Deanna helped my son – by the end of the visit he no longer experienced any pain… nor did it come back! Similarly, in one visit, Deanna helped heal hamstring pain which I had had for months! Deanna was always accommodating and truly concerned about my well-being and that of my children as well. I would highly recommend her osteopathy services! Christine Grauer Waterloo, ON