Covid-19 Safety Plan

COVID-19 Safety Plan

Please don’t book an appointment if you:
  • • If you or a member of your household has any of the following symptoms: fever, cough, difficulty breathing, diarrhea, loss of smell or taste
  • • you or someone in your household has tested positive for COVID-19 in the last month or waiting for results of a COVID19 test
  • • have been in contact with a confirmed or probable case of COVID19 for less that 14 days
  • • If quarantine has been required, it must have been completed
  • • have been abroad in the last 14 days
Please cancel your appointment at any time without penalty if you:
  • • if you or a member of your household has any of the following symptoms before your appointment: fever, cough, difficulty breathing, diarrhea, loss of smell or taste
  • • cancel even if you don’t think it is COVID19 related until you have no symptoms of any other illness
  • • if you or a member of your household finds out you’ve been exposed to/have COVID19
  • • If you’ve been experiencing any of the following: severe difficulty breathing (ie. struggling to breathe or speaking in single words), severe chest pain, having a very hard time waking up, feeling confused or losing consciousness. Please call 8-1-1!!

Client Arrival Protocol

You will receive a Pre-screening COVID Questionnaire email 4 hours before your scheduled appointment each time. Please respond by answering the questionnaire before coming for your appointment.

Please bring a mask but if you don’t have Deanna can provide a home-made one for treatment (to be washed after treatment) or single use mask for nominal fee. It is not mandatory that you wear a mask but it is suggested at this time.

Physical distancing will be maintained at Osteopathy by Deanna with adequate spacing between client’s appointments. If there happens to be an additional car present (besides Deanna’s Blue Tucson in the driveway) please wait till the other car has left before entering. Unless family members are having back to back treatments please leave them at home unless they require personal assistance or treating a minor, where one parent or guardian may be present.

Upon arrival clients are asked to wash hands in Deanna’s practically hands-free washroom (only thing needed to touch is door handle and toilet handle), everything else is hands-free. Sanitizer is also available at the front entry if preferred and in the clinic room on the wall beside client’s chair. Other than the front entry as well as the washroom door Deanna will close the clinic room doors before treatment begins and will open them at the end to avoid extra client contact.

If client has coat or extra clothes over their t-shirt/shorts/yoga pants or changing into please place excess on client clinic chair as coat rack/tree has been removed from clinic room to reduce cleaning.

Deanna will ask each visit the screening questions and to verify no symptoms and consent to treatment with knowledge of risk.

Cleaning Procedure

Clean Before Opening – Deanna will wash her hands for a minimum of 20 seconds. Clean all high touch surfaces: door handles, switches, chairs, clinic surfaces, electronic equipment and place clean sheet on treatment table.

Clean Between Clients – Washing her hands to elbows for a minimum of 20 seconds and disinfect door handles, switches, chairs, pillows (vinyl cases), clinic/washroom surfaces, electronic equipment etc. Deanna will remove her mask, gown and sheet from the treatment table placing it laundry basket to go immediately in washing machine. Disinfect her visor or glasses. Clean all high touch surfaces: door handles, switches, chairs, clinic/washroom surfaces, electronic equipment, etc. Clean the treatment table, the table adjustment levers, massage lotion bottles, other equipment, etc. Ventilate the treatment room for a few minutes as well as after last morning and final day client she’ll use a UV light to help disinfect the clinic room. Install clean sheet on treatment table.

Clean End of Day – Deanna will wet vacuum floors with cleaner in entry, clinic room and washroom after final cleaning of rooms. Once a week she’ll wash with carpet cleaner the hallway to the washroom and waiting area if it has been utilized.

Consent For Treatment

Consent to treatment will be verified with the understanding of the risks of COVID19 and that Deanna will not be held liable if you get COVID19 from Osteopathy by Deanna’s clinic. Deanna takes the protocol seriously and she is taking all the best possible precautions for client’s safety but cannot guarantee transmission of the virus doesn’t occur due to the nature of osteopathic treatment means physical distancing is not possible.

Therefore, if you’re a high-risk client please understand if you come for osteopathic treatment it is at a heightened risk. This includes but is not limited to: age over 70 years and people who are: diabetic, immunosuppressed, undergoing treatment for cancer, suffering from cardiovascular disease and other conditions.

Deanna will also be limiting her activity with others outside of work hours, adhering to social distancing protocol standards and trying her best to be mindful in order to keep the possibility of transmission of COVID19 to herself outside of the clinic as well.

It will also be understood by the client that Deanna may have to cancel appointments at the last minute if she is showing any symptoms to ensure safety and make sure she hasn’t caught COVID19.

Extra Information

It is understood for everyone’s protection Deanna will be wearing a mask and gown (if not gown clothes will be changed between clients) that will be removed with client’s table sheet after each treatment going into laundry bin that goes immediately to washing machine as she then washes not just hands but forearms to elbows as well for 20 seconds once treatment is completed. Face shields or goggles can be worn with patient’s request for further protection.

Client can either pay using debit machine (sorry not touchless but will be disinfected between) or e-transfer to Deanna can print the receipt but it if client prefers it can also be obtained and printed at home from their portal.

  • • parents bringing in their children please bring their own books and toys to take home afterwards.
  • • if a client likes to have a blanket on them during treatment please bring your own to take home afterwards.

If a Client alleges, they caught COVID19 from Deanna: Deanna must immediately call public health at 8-1-1 and report the alleged transmission, providing both my name and the name and contact information of the client. Deanna then must not provide any further osteopathic treatment to anyone until public health has investigated and has provided direction. Deanna will then cancel all treatments and must immediately self-isolate until the matter has been investigated and public health direction has been provided.